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Hello! I’m Ben, a passionate Unity Developer with over six years of experience crafting immersive and innovative games. Below you will find published projects that I have worked on as well as different experimental projects that showcase my talents as a Unity Developer.

If you are looking to hire a passionate and experienced Unity Developer fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I will get back to you!

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Table Mountain Group LLC. has a unique mixed reality system which allows customers to use simulated firearms on a large projection screen for both training and recreational purposes. I was responsible for the development of over a dozen Unity applications, enhancing both training and recreational experiences. My work ranged from creating a realistic virtual military range to developing an engaging zombie shooter. Collaborating with experts, I boosted content realism and optimized performance with clean, reusable C# code. I also developed a Leaderboard application and crafted several impressive AR game demos. This role honed my skills in gameplay programming, performance optimization, and teamwork, demonstrating my ability to deliver high-quality, immersive experiences.

TI Training
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Wildwood is a city-builder available on Steam, and I am proud to be its solo developer. This project required me to master numerous aspects of game development, including UI/UX design, gameplay design, AI decision-making, and more. Given the large number of objects in the game, I wrote highly efficient code and optimized performance with multithreaded workloads on both the CPU and GPU.

The procedural terrain generation utilizes GPU compute shaders for rapid, seamless creation as players navigate the world, while AI decision-making, including pathfinding algorithms, runs on separate CPU worker threads to enhance performance. I extensively leveraged the Unity Profiler to ensure maximum efficiency.

Additionally, I crafted complex material shaders in Shader Graph and HLSL for the skybox, trees, water, and crops, further enhancing the game's immersive quality. Wildwood stands as a testament to my passion for game development and my ability to take a complex project through the entire development lifecycle, from concept to release.

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At Ben Marks Game Studios, I independently developed and shipped three games on the Play Store: Tank Frenzy, Cube Racer, and Station Commander. For these projects, I handled every aspect of development, including gameplay design, art design, 3D modeling, texturing, UI design, AI development, particle systems, animation, sound design, marketing, and publishing. Additionally, I successfully ported and released Station Commander on Steam. These games demonstrate my comprehensive skills and ability to manage all facets of game development, from concept to release.

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